Australian Kelpie Australian Kelpie

Who are we ?

We are Theo and Greet v.d. Veerdonk. We have had dogs our entire life. Our children have grown up with dogs as well. As our children grew older, our hobby expanded. Since 1999 we have had a kennel in Australian Kelpies. Before that we had dogs like Heidewachtels, Cao da Serra de Aires and crossings.

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Most of our lives, we have had several dogs at the same time. After some time we started focusing on different sports to do with our dogs.
Meanwhile, we have been active in agility for years now. As well as in herding, practical tracking, mantrailing and Treiball.
So far, both of us have done several courses in becoming instructors of different sports. We do not only teach different sports, like



  • mantrailing
  • clickertraining
  • agility
  • treibball
  • sheepherding

but you can also book arrangements with your dog at our Bed and Breakfast.

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If you have any questions about one of our activities, please do not hesitate and contact us:
Reth 18
5111 HC Baarle-Nassau

Phone number: +31 (0)6 29 51 20 60