There has been written a lot on agility already. If you google it you can find more about the subject than we can put on this website. That is why we will not do that.

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An unusual amazing sport where your dog walks an entire parcours of obstacles. It demands strategy and understanding, but most of all teamwork and tactics to finish this parcours as fast and faultless as possible. One of our most favourite sports!

We practice agility with five of our dogs and three dogs have already retired. Although we are no fanatic race runners, we do a lot more nowadays than we used to. We have had several educations and we have a great amount of experiences.

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We are ready to take a shot and teach other people in this fantastic sport. Beginning handlers and dogs are most welcome. Also younger dogs are welcome. We teach the younger dogs to walk the parcours and obstacles with a method called ‘clickermethod’. This is also possible with a Bed and Breakfast arrangement.