What is treibball?

Corina Meijer has introduced treibball to the Netherlands. She provides for different educations. You can become an instructor or judge from her courses. We have followed both courses. Treibball is a young sport in the Netherlands. It was invented by Jan Nijboer. He is a Dutch man who lives in Germany.


Treibball is a very popular sport in Germany and Swiss. Many different dogs participate treibball. It is definitely not a sport which is only attended by working dogs like the Kelpie. Of all dogs we had visiting a very little company dog came out most positive! Every kind of dog can do treibball as long as they are willing to work together with their owner.

In the middle of the field are eight large balls (usually used for gymnastics). These balls form a triangle, just like with pool billiards. The owner and the dog begin at the side of the field next to a goal. On the owner’s sign the dog needs to get the balls, as quickly as possible and one by one, back to their owner. The balls need to end up in the goal. The owner can only make use of their voice, gestures and whistles. Every dog has a maximum of 10 minutes to get all eight balls into the goal. Time starts at the moment the dog starts the so called ‘outrun’. Time does not stop until all balls are in the goal and the dog lies in front of the goal.

In the Netherlands it is also possible to walk different kinds of varieties during games. This can be everything, depending on the level. Some varieties are: walking parcours with the balls, directing/steering, time-gambling. Treibball is not a demanding sport.


Therefore it is suitable for younger dogs, older dogs and dogs with a handicap. What do we do with treibball? We give individual and group lessons. If you would like to do something with your dog which is not very demanding and you like it to be a ball sport than treibball is the thing for you.